Dervil & The Garganites Of Greenlandis
  • Characters:
  • Dervil: Young Boy Hero
  • Alice “AKA” Alizarus : Dervil’s Grandma and Sand Mountain Goddess
  • Pocalo:  Shaman Leader Of Gremlandis
  • Gaharris: Pocalo’s Son
  • Rombulaki: Evil Lord of the Warmites

On Saturday morning Dervil awoke to the sound of his mom’s voice calling out to him to come and eat his breakfast. Get down here, she said, before it gets too cold.

He then hopped out of bed and headed downstairs to go and eat. After breakfast he asked…Mom are we still going to visit grandma today? She replied yes. In a few hours.

Dervil loved every visit at grandma’s house he thought. She had many old and mysterious things in her home she called antiques but to him they were just toys that she allowed him to play with. His grandma didn’t mind. She loved to see her grandson’s imagination running wild.

Most importantly he needed a pleasant distraction for he felt sad lately. His father that was off doing his duty overseas hadn’t been home in quite a few months. His mom hadn’t found the right time yet to tell Dervil his father wouldn’t be returning home. With the bills piling up, their living arrangements had to change.

Tonight after their visit to grandmas house she would let Dervil know that soon they would be permanently moving there. But first they would celebrate His 9th birthday.

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