I'l Derelito
Words and Music By: Jim Infinity

I may be ugly
But I have a heart of gold
And I may venture out in the night
My body shivers in the cold

Trying to find her and the song
I must sing tonight

I am I'l Derellito

Many children are scared of me
It hurts my heart inside
SO I recant in my own domain
There I found my music

My Symphony
It's almost done
I must play tonight

My Darling
Words and Music By: Jim Infinity

Come to me
My darling
And let God help us in our dreams

Come to me
My darling
And I'll make this work go away

So stay awake
See the stars in the sky

My darling

Come to me
My darling
And let me guide you
To the light

For the music of my heart with guide you
To breathe a new breath that may come

My darling
Come to me, come to me
Words and Music By: Jim Infinity

My name is felix
And i've seen him come in a time or two
A most unpleasant site I must say
But before I bid him adieu

He sings to me
A most pleasant song
His melody

Then into the night he goes away
Without a trace
Where I do not know
But I'm allways certain to with him well

A man virtuoso
A man of his music


My friend, take care
My friend, take care
You must live to do the music

It lies in your heart
I will return with my song

I'l Derelito Waltz
Words and Music By: Jim Infinity

Allways a man of his word and courage is he
To overcome a story of such travesty
I'l derellito, is he aware
That his life has something special to share

All of his music, that's so fit to the timme
His many compostions and his musical ryhme

As bad as things become, he stills writes his ongs
That flow above into the night, then our they come
Into the street to hear his sweet melodies
A symphony played on and air of keys

I'l derellito they want to see the man
Behind the music
Will you take that chance, it's your destiny

(I'l derellito part spoken)

No! my appearance may devistate them
And bethrow everything I own
I will not!


I'l derellito, they are calling for you
They want to hear your music
They want to hear your song

They truly love you, I'l derellito
Just listen to your heart
And you will know that one day
The world will know who you are, and all your music
I'l derellito, the man behind the music

(I'l derellito part spoken)

Now let me return to me own domain
That's where I feel the music

(Felix part spoken)

It's like I told you all. he will not come out
It might be a more suitable night, tomorrow my dear friends. but rest assured, he will make and appearance. Unfortunatly at this present time, he's involved with a new piece.

(I'l derellito part spoken)  Thank you Felix!

One day you must realise that you have to greet the audience
You must try derellito
Although your afraid
One day, one day

He Saw Me - The Nightful Harmonies
Words and Music By: Jim Infinity

Why...must they persist...in bothering me
I'm an ordinary man, but they...they cannnot see
That I have so much work to do and so little time
(whispered)That I cannot enjoy it

My love for the music
While they frivol in passionate joy
(whispered) I do not understand

My harmonies
I've sung for you my love
At night, you have my heart in your hands
You control this destiny of my saddened life
I must write to you

Why...must they persist...in following me
Like a pack of wolves, they must think
That I need therapy

For i've not shown my face for many a reason
They would not understand my unfortunate position
(whispered) I do not understand

My heart cries out for all my work
I must try to finish
This music

With all my passions
They feel incomplete for now
With your face I found unconditional love
A dreamy scape, a starry sky
Lucidity may be among us now my love...
Taken ill
Words and Music By: Jim Infinity

He may be ill
For he's not writing any of his songs

And unfortunatly
I'l derellito may soon be gone

And if so...
Let his muci fill your heart with magic

And proceed to breathe
Even after the strife
He lived an inordinary life

And now the world will know him well

Derellito...we will miss you
The Death Of A Friend
Words and Music By: Jim Infinity

(Felix part spoken)

How did it happen?

(Doorman part spoken)

He was on his way to the door
And he collapsed right in front of me
I say again, I do not know this man
But i must ask. Has he allways looked this ill?

(Felix part spoken)

Where is he?

(Doorman part spoken)

Right this way. Let me take you to him

(Felix part spoken)

Oh! for heaven sakes

Description: I'l Derellito aka The derelict was written and composed in 2000. The play/musical is about an extremely talented music composer that is afraid to make appearances in public due to a facial deformity. I'l derellito continues to relives his horrid memories of the house fire which killed his wife and almost took his own. Felix, has to save his life on a daily basis because of his suicidal tendancies.
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I'l Derelito
My Darling
I'l Derelito Waltz
He Saw Me / The Nightful Harmonies
Taken ill
Death Of A Friend
The Street Band
Le' Confidant Choir
I'l Derelito Fantasia
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