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DON TRIO  a 7 inch tall italiano with a pot belly with a  large black hat with super powers.This is a story about 3 common fellas that were transformed into musical super heroes. Their boss, quest giver and entity that transformed them name is Don Trio. These four fellas were ordinary average guys. They had a musical group together back in highschool. One day , approx 10 yrs since they split up the group, one of the guys ran into each other. So they called up the other guys and decided to meet up, sorta like a reunion, nostalgic time. They did and decided that even though they had families now they could still get together from time to time since It was so fun.They rented out a place in the city, an old storage room. They met up and started their first practice session. Everything was going great. Inbetween rehearsals they hear this strange noise coming from the corner of the room. They noticed that this noise was coming from an old dusty piano. They kept hearing this noise but it was a voice. Startled, they approached the piano cautiously. To their surprise there was a voice comeing out of the piano. The voice said  in and Italian accent.
HEY, IM DON TRIO, GET ME OUT OF HERE. IVE BEEN TRAPPED TOO LONG! THE MUSIC TO MY EARS BROUGHT ME BACK TO LIFE. IVE BEEN IN HERE A LONG TIME. BTW WHAT YR is it he asked? He said my gosh, its been 34 years ive been in here. They asked, how did you get in here. Don trio replys. It’s a long story.  A possesed-girl named Vos Carlana. I became her music manager after she apparently fired the last 1 and did to him what she did to me. She looked normal and sounded incredible when we first met but she had an alterior motive. She wanted to take over the world by seduction. The only way for me to break free she said from her spell was the hear the sounds of great music. The 34 years ive been down here I got some ideas in my head and well, ive obtained some of her power too. I kept her finger nail, the last thing I could grasp before she threw mw in here. But her power can be reworked towards goodness. I now take what power I obtained from her andwill transform you guys into musical super heros. The guys were like. No way. I think were crazy, this cannot be happening. Don trio said in a LOud voice. Watch this! Lightning ran through the room and electrified everything in site. As the electral storm that Don trio was working he started to call out to each one of them. And now . Pete, You shall be named  DOUBLE PEDAL PETE etc etc:

Together don trio and the muzicons fly through the skies and fight the evil Vos Carlana.
Everytime they meet, theres a new episode of Evil the fight.

The DON TRIO Theme Song
Listen To Don trio!
By: Herb Diggens
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