Grandma's Stories
Words and Music by:Jim Infinity

I love grandma's stories
They were the best around
Before every story she'd tell
She'd have us sit down

Right in front of the oven
Where her tasty cookies would bake
With our hungry tummies
We would patiently wait

Then she’d begin her stories
As we sat on her knee
Eating soft baked cookies
As we sailed off to sea

In all her stories
The good guys would always win

I loved grandma's stories
From front to end

All my grandma's stories
I knew all along had a special meaning
They taught us the difference between right and wrong

My grandma helped me
When times were good and times were bad
She was the best friend
You could ever have

My grandma told those stories
Until she was 93
Now it’s me and gramps
And all the grandchildren on our knee

I loved grandma's stories
From front to end
I just wish she was here to tell them again
My grandma, she was my best friend

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