Ever since i was 9 yrs old, I had a guitar in my hand or was playing on the piano, drawing or writing down my fantasies. Creating a mood, mystery
or a fictional character from scratch was and still is something I love to do, whether it be my frog art, childrens books and or songwriting. In every aspect of art there is something that inspires the imagination and that is my goal to leave that creative legacy to the general public.

Over time I have created well over 17 Albums worth of songs, over 117 Pieces of art, 4 children's stories and 2 screenplays. A lot of what I had created before this site had never been cataloged so with the advice of some of my clients who said: "Put your life's work on a website" -  Jimi Infinity.com was born.

Through the years, I've learned how to play, produce and engineer the sound of the 6 string Acoustic, Electric, 12 String acoustic,and classical, piano, keyboards and acoustic drums.

I wrote my first ever song when I was 9. In 1984, I was an MTV kid. Some of earliest influences were, The Cars, Monkees, Beatles and Neil Diamond.

How My Love For Music Began...
Today I still write stories, songs and compose music, but this time exclusivly for Entertainers and or Artistic Professionals, whether it be in the Music, Televison or Motion Picture Industry. I never liked the idea of living in the lime-light, and found better use of my creative services, helping up and coming artist's along with recent big names achieve their goals.
My goal is to exhibit my creations and help you achieve the same goals. If your interested in speaking with me about a project you're working on and would like to use my creative service, you can contact me here
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